Graduate Students

If you are passionate about applying the knowledge of physics to solve real world problems, such as creating new imaging techniques, building novel ultrafast lasers, and taking advantage of the latest computation and machine learning techniques for visualizing living systems, please contact me about a possible position in my lab. Our lab currently has or had in the past graduate students from a wide range of graduate fields, such as applied physics, physics, biophysics, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical & biological sciences, etc.

If you are not a current graduate student and are interested in working with us, the most direct way would be to apply to the Applied Physics, Biomedical Engineering, or Biophysics graduate fields.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss our graduate programs or the research in my lab.

Postdoctoral Fellows

We are always recruiting talented postdocs, particularly those with expertise in imaging, fiber optics, biophysics or biomedical sciences. If you are interested, please send a CV, a description of your past work and future research interests, and the contact information for at least two references.